On 28th July 2022, two members of the OZONE4WATER project (Inês Magalhães Rodrigues and Paulo Henrique Marrocos de Oliveira) were awarded with PhD scholarships by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) to start on 1st October 2022.

The PhD scholarship awarded to Inês Magalhães Rodrigues, entitled “Ozone stream purification using customized membranes for O2/O3 separation”, aims to develop ozone-selective membranes, which will be included in a lab-scale set-up and tested for O3/O2 separation. Additionally, a mathematical model will be developed for the design and optimization of the gas separation process, as well as it will be performed an assessment of the environmental impacts associated with this process.

The PhD scholarship awarded to Paulo Henrique Marrocos de Oliveira, entitled “Cutting Edge Ozone Static Mixer Based on a Micro/Meso Structured Pressurized NETmix Reactor: Experimental and CFD modelling”, aims to develop a cutting-edge technology based on the NETmix static mixer to maximise the transfer of ozone to water, with the objective of achieving as close to 100% gas dissolution. The new technology will be designed to operate up to 7 bar, with an enhanced temperature control system, in addition to an improved phase distributor, in order to ensure a homogenous injection of both phases at any gas/liquid operating flow rate.

Congratulations and Good Luck in Your New Journey.