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Your privacy is important to us. We respect it and are committed to protecting it.

We are aware of the concerns you may have about the confidentiality of the information and personal data you share with us; therefore, this document has everything you need to know about the privacy policy of our website. This policy allows you to obtain additional information about the use we make of the personal data you provide us and your rights.

By submitting your data, you are accepting our policy privacy. In accordance with Law no. 67/98, from October 26th, about the Protection of Personal Data, we inform that the management of the personal data collected on our website is our responsibility.

1. Identity and contacts of the entity who will manage your data:
The data collected on this site are processed by us.
All the information collected on this site is managed and controlled exclusively by us. We provide enough warranties regarding the protection of your personal information, guaranteeing that this will be administered in accordance with the current legislation regarding the protection of personal information, as well as this privacy policy.

2. Legal basis of legitimacy of data processing:
Through this website we may collect personal data, shared via the contact form, with your consent.

3. Purposes:
Your personal data is collected to:
– Answer our questions on the contact form;
– Send you information about our products and services, news and events – Newsletters.

4. Period of retention of your data:
The data collected and processed through the contact form will be kept only during the processing of your request and after this phase it will be destroyed.

5. Data recipients:
The personal information provided will be used in order to be able to contact you and provide all the information requested through our contact form.

Your personal data will never be disclosed to third parties, except in special cases, such as:
Meet the requirements imposed by law or competent governmental or judicial authorities.

6. Data security and confidentiality:
We commit ourselves to implement all the necessary precautions to preserve the confidentiality and safety of your personal data.

7. Your rights and how you can access, rectify or oppose to the processing of your personal data:
According to the personal data protection law, the data subjects is guaranteed the right to access, update, rectify or delete their personal data, which may take place through the various contacts available.

For any questions regarding the collection and processing of your personal data, you can contact us by email or by telephone.

8. Data usage:
The personal information provided will be in order to be able to contact you and provide all the information requested through our contact form.
We will not provide or sell your personal data to any third parties, unless if we are obliged by law or by court decision.

9. How we use “Cookies”:
“Cookies” are stored in your computer through your browser, retaining information only related to your preferences, not including, therefore, your personal data.
On the text below you can find more information about the various “cookies” we use and the purpose of each of these:
– Strictly needed “cookies”: These allow you to browse the website and use its apps. Without these “cookies”, the services you may have requested cannot be provided accordingly;
– Analytical “cookies”: These are used anonymously to create statistics to be analyzed afterwards, in order to improve the functioning of the website;
– Feature “cookies”: These retain the user’s preferences related to the website usage, so you do not need to configurate the website each time you visit it.

10. Contacts
If you need more information, please feel free to contact us by email

Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies to allow you to have the best user experience.
If you continue to browse, you are giving your consent to the acceptance of such cookies as well as our Cookies’ Policy.

Cookies are small text files written to your device when you access websites.
These allow the storage of a set of user-related information, some of which is used to recognize the user in future visits to our website, and others are used to guarantee that all features work properly, improving the user’s experience and performance on the website.
The type of information that can be analyzed using cookies is as follows: user name, email address and password, the internet protocol address (IP) that is used to connect to the internet, the type and version of browser, the operating system and platform used for the connection, the web addresses (URLs) from which or through which you have accessed and left our services online, and the date and time of such activity, amongst others.
Website cookies may be disabled or managed at any time. To find out how to do this go to the “Help” area of your Browser.
Warning: It’s important to note that some areas of the website may not work properly after cookies are disabled.

The use of cookies optimizes the user’s browsing experience, allowing the stored data to improve their experience on the website, also increasing the response efficiency of the web address.
Therefore, they allow to eliminate some repetitive actions on the website, as well as assist in the presentation of information, to meet your needs and expectations.

Cookies are segmented according to their purpose and expiration date.
“Strictly needed Cookies” are key elements of access to certain areas of the website, such as access to secure areas of the website through login and password. By disabling cookies, the same services may not be used accordingly.
“Feature Cookies” memorize the browsing preferences of the user.
“Analytical Cookies” allow the memorization of how a website is navigated, to present products or services that meet the user’s needs and expectations, through the monitoring of the website. Examples of these are the ones that keep the most visited pages, the time in each page, the products or services searched, etc. These cookies store statistical information.

The users accessing our website give their consent to the use of cookies through an OK button on the banner that appears when visiting our website for the first time.

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