Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) is a leading higher education institution in Europe, with international reputation in teaching and research. Chemical Engineering at FEUP occupies the 1st position in Portugal in the international rankings (ARWU, NTU, QS).

Located at FEUP, the Associate Laboratory LSRE-LCM – Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering – Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials, is a part of the consortium ALiCE – Associate Laboratory in Chemical Engineering and a leading national R&D unit in the field of Chemical Engineering. The mission of the LSRE-LCM is to contribute for the scientific and technological know-how advance, towards the sustainable development of the country, namely its Northern region, including training of high-competence researchers through post-graduate and post-doctoral programs. The LSRE-LCM is organized in 4 groups: (1) CYCLIC ADSORPTION/REACTION PROCESSES, (2) PRODUCT ENGINEERING, (3) THERMODYNAMICS & ENVIRONMENT, and (4) CATALYSIS AND CARBON MATERIALS. Currently with 147 researchers, 73 with PhD degree and 53 PhD students, the LSRE-LCM outputs since 2005 count: 7 books, >1960 ISI papers and 120 book chapters, 25 families of patents, 139 PhD and 390 MSc theses, and 3 spin-off companies.



AdP VALOR – Serviços Ambientais, S.A.

The AdP VALOR – Serviços Ambientais, S.A., a company from the Águas de Portugal, a group of water utilities that plays a structural role in the environment sector in Portugal and spanning the fields of water supply and wastewater sanitation.

The core AdP Group activity involves the integrated management of the urban water cycle and spanning all of its respective stages, ranging from water abstraction, treatment and distribution for public consumption to the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of urban and industrial wastewaters, including their reuse. The Group is responsible for the management of several thousand infrastructures, including more than 150 water treatment plants, 1 000 wastewater treatment plants, and 2 500 water and wastewater pumping stations.

AdP VALOR is AdP´s Group business tool for accelerating innovation and implementing the circular economy, developing new business areas and products and strengthening the resilience, quality and efficiency of the AdP utilities operations with a positive impact at the external level, specifically through providing the sector, both nationally and internationally, with the technical know-how accumulated over the last two decades. This context justifies the relevance of being part of this project as end user.


Enkrott, Gestão e Tratamento de Águas, S.A.

Operating in the industrial and human water treatment sector since 1961, Enkrott laces science at the center of attention, developing innovative technologies, products and engineering solutions, capable of responding to an increasingly demanding market, in which there are no two customers with identical needs.

The know-how and human capital are our assets. It is through high technological and engineering skills that we reach the most suitable solutions for the challenge presented by each client.

Regarding the OZONE4WATER project, Enkrott’s has a high expertise in the design, project and implement ozone solutions for water and wastewater treatment, justifying the relevance of being part of this project as technology developer.


Simbiente – Engenharia e Gestão Ambiental, Lda.

Simbiente – Environmental Engineering and Management is a company focused on research, development, innovation and services. Resulting from activities of researchers and consultants, Simbiente was founded in 2004 as a spin-off company of University of Minho.

The company’s products and services are organized in seven fields of work:

1. Water Resources Management;
2. Waste Management;
3. Territorial Resources, Uses and Risks Management;
4. Environmental and Sustainability Assessment;
5. Ecosystems Conservation and Valorization;
6. Marine, Coastal and Port Management;
7. Research, Development and Innovation.

Simbiente has a R&D unit, created to integrate new ideas and existing and emerging methodologies and technologies into projects that generate added value, working along national and international partners.

Simbiente’s experience in sustainability assessment and market uptake of new technologies based on life cycle approaches (including environmental, economic and social aspects) will be an asset for the project.



• Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Vítor Jorge Pais Vilar
Principal Investigator

Alexandre Filipe Porfírio Ferreira
Co-Principal Investigator

Madalena Maria Gomes de Queiroz Dias

Ricardo Jorge Nogueira dos Santos

Rui Alfredo da Rocha Boaventura

Margarida Sarmento e Cunha Abrunhosa de Brito

Maria Francisca da Costa Moreira

Cristiana Andreia Vieira Gomes
PhD Student

Isabel Sousa Fernandes

Mateus Mestriner Pituco

Mateus Pereira Caixeta
PhD Student

Pedro Henrique Presumido

Inês Magalhães Rodrigues
PhD Student

Paulo Henrique Marrocos de Oliveira

Laura Joana Ribeiro Cullen
Research Fellow

Soraia Fortuna Pires
Research Initiation Fellow

Catarina Bastos Velhas da Silva
Research Initiation Fellow

• AdP VALOR – Serviços Ambientais, S.A.

Pedro Fontes


Carlos Brito


• Enkrott, Gestão e Tratamento de Águas, S.A.

Abílio Pereira Jorge Martins


António Lucas Nunes


• Simbiente – Engenharia e Gestão Ambiental, Lda

Sérgio Bruno Costa

Sérgio Bruno Almeida

Daniel Fernando Melo e Silva

This work is financially supported by national funds through the FCT/MCTES (PIDDAC), under the project PTDC/EAM-AMB/4702/2020 - Cutting-Edge Ozone-Technology for Water, with DOI 10.54499/PTDC/EAM-AMB/4702/2020 (

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