On 8th July 2021, the project OZONE4WATER had its kick-off meeting held at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). The event consisted of gathering all members of the project to discuss its objectives, tasks, and challenges to be considered, as well as the current progress and achievements of the project. The meeting was opened by the project coordinator, Dr. Vítor Vilar, who gave a welcoming speech and presented a project overview, introduction, planning and milestones.

Subsequently, a technical discussion of the current achievements was started, in which the PhD student Cristiana Gomes presented an insight into the progress of membrane gas separation, and the PhD student Pedro Presumido discussed an application of membranes into enhancing gas-liquid mass transfer. Furthermore, the PhD student Mateus Pituco and the researcher Paulo Marrocos presented the properties and advantages of the mixing of gas into a liquid through the NETmix static mixer.

Afterward, one of the inventors of the NETmix static mixer, and founder of the collaborative laboratory NET4CO2, José Carlos Lopes, offered his point of view into the application of the NETmix technology as an asset into environmental subjects, as well as presented an overview about the history and research already performed with the NETmix, and the foundation of the NET4CO2.

The event ended with the members of Simbiente, AdP VALOR and Enkrott visiting the NET4CO2 facilities, guided by José Carlos Lopes. Thereafter, the co-project coordinator, Dr. Alexandre Ferreira, guided these members through the Laboratory of Biogas Purification at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.