From 6th to 10th June 2022, members of the OZONE4WATER consortium (Vítor Vilar, Pedro Presumido and Mateus Pituco) attended the 12th Micropol & Ecohazard Conference in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. This conference is part of the IWA Specialist Group “Assessment and Control of Hazardous Substances in Water” conference series. It was conceived as an international forum for discussion on the state of the art in scientific development and technical solutions concerning emerging pollutants emission, treatment, and effects. Some of the main topics include: i) treatment at the source, ii) monitoring & analysis, iii) fate & behaviour during wastewater and sludge treatment, iv) environmental & risk assessment, v) monitoring & control, and vi) prioritization/regulation & public acceptance.

The OZONE4WATER team contributed to this conference with 3 works, with the following titles: “Gas/Liquid mass transfer in the NETmix reactor: Experimental data vs CFD modelling”, “Ozone mass transfer in a tubular porous borosilicate membrane contactor for CECs removal”, and “Innovative ozone membrane contactor for tertiary treatment of urban wastewater: disinfection and CECs removal”. On June 7th, Dr. Vítor Vilar presented the first aforementioned work, introducing the low footprint ozone contacting solution and discussed its advantages through experimental and CFD results.